Isaiah’s Vision

Isaiah’s Vision  (Isaiah 6:1)

In the year of King Uzziah’s death I saw the Lord sitting on a throne, lofty and exalted, with the train of His robe filling the temple.

Isaiah’s Vision was formed in or about 2008 as the result of several prayers and committing to God’s calling. The original band was formed as result of the Jerry Reff coming to grips with needing to give back to God. Jerry had discussed playing music to praise the Lord for several years while playing in various club bands. After sending out several Fort Wayne Musicians and Craig’s List requests, enough folks were assembled to commence with creating the “band.”

We played several events that were associated with various churches about the Fort Wayne area. After a year or so, we began to lose people to other bands and our enthusiasm began to wane. The band basically “broke up” for about a year. Not being willing to allow God’s calling to go unheeded, Jerry began combing the streets to find players to reform the Isaiah’s Vision band. We went through several folks to find the right mixture. Jerry called his old friend Tom Leigh-Manuell to see if he would like to play bass in the band. Tom jumped to the opportunity.

Our amazing drummer, Warren Jarvis, joined through the recommendation of Kelly Richards who played guitar briefly but moved to Indianapolis. Jerry called Bill Bremer who had played with the original IV band to see if he would be interested. Bill noted that he thought it sounded like fun.

Still hoping to find a keyboardist, we posted an ad in Craig’s list again. Tada! Richard Hambrock answered the ad. Richard came to the audition and was an instant hit. Richard’s formal music training and bass playing brought a new dimension to the band that had not previously existed.

Isaiah’s Vision is graciously sponsored by Messiah Lutheran Church in Fort Wayne with prayers and rehearsal facilities.